The Son of Al-Onsol (2010)

Egypt | 01h:54m | Movie | Drama , family , Comedy , Interesting and exciting

The film tells the story of a notorious con-man that has been labeled “Consul” due to his abilities to forge passports and visas. However, the police catch up with “Al Qonsol” and place him under arrest.A young man also tries to convince “Al Qonsol” that he is in fact his son and is aided by a young woman. Thus, the former character is given the label “Ibn Al Qonsul” (“Consul’s son”).




The Consul’s Son; Ambassador for Laughter This Eid Not all movies must have a message or talk about a major social issue. Sometimes putting a smile on the audiences’ faces is all that is needed to be a...Read more “success.” This storyline is fresh, unexpected and makes people laugh.Khaled Saleh, with the help of a fantastic makeup job, takes on a totally new role for himself as an elderly forger. After spending 30 years in prison, he meets a man he has never met, claiming to be his son (Ahmed ElSakka.) Saleh is skeptical of his paternity, as most of his romantic relations were brief and never, to his knowledge, ended in pregnancy. Ahmed elSakka does his best to convince Saleh that he is his son, in order to move in with him and avoid sleeping on the streets. Comical situations ensue as the sex deprived, lustful ex-con hires a prostitute (Ghada Adel) for her company, but all his attempts to be bad are foiled by his bearded, religiously fanatical son. All three stars do an excellent job in this film.

Title Details

Title ابن القنصل
Title in English The Son of Al-Onsol
Title's Translation Ibn Alqonsol
Release Year 2010
Runtime in Minutes 114
Status ﺗﻢ ﻋﺮﺿﻪ
Is this a coloured title? نعم
Movie Budget 0
Title Type Movie
Title Genre Drama,family,Comedy,Interesting and exciting
Production Year 2010
Production Country Egypt