The story of the Al-Agaty family that consists of a mother and her two sons, one of whom is a police officer who faces a lot of problems as a result of his violent behavior, while the other son is a young revolutionary leftist often at odds with his brother and his family.




A continuously trouble-minded officer faces his fears in a pimp he doubts is in relation to his wife. As he pursues him, he also faces a troubled marriage, a leftist rebel brother in jail, and an over-controlling mother.

Title Details

Title موجة حارة
Title in English Heatwave
Title's Translation Moga Harra
Release Year 2013
Runtime in Minutes 45
Status ﺗﻢ ﻋﺮﺿﻪ
Is this a coloured title? نعم
Egyptian censorship classification الجمهور العام
Movie Budget 0
Title Type Series
Title Genre Drama,Interesting and exciting
Production Year 2013
Production Country Egypt