Stories of Tafash-S02 (2010)

Bahrain | 30m | Series | Comedy

A comedy that revolves around Tafash and his adventures. In this season, Tafash weds his neighbor's daughter Azary which changes his life, just as Azary's father weds a young woman to have more children, while Tafash's friend Jassoum tries to be a productive member of the society.



Title Details

Title سوالف طفاش 2
Title in English Stories of Tafash S2
Title's Translation Sawalef Tafash 2
Release Year 2010
Runtime in Minutes 30
Status ﺗﻢ ﻋﺮﺿﻪ
Is this a coloured title? نعم
Egyptian censorship classification الجمهور العام
Movie Budget 0
Title Type Series
Title Genre Comedy
Production Year 2010
Production Country Bahrain