No Retreat, No Surrender (Bloody Fist) (2010)

Egypt | 01h:35m | Movie | Action , Comedy

As the police try to bring down the drug lord Azzam, they enlist the help of Hazl'oum, a normal guy who looks just like Adham, Azzam's right hand man. Azzam's secretary Jermaine and Lieutenant Colonel Seraj prepare Hazl'oum for the mission, but things take a dangerous turn when Azzam learns the truth




No Retreat and No Surrender This title is the third collaboration between actor Ahmed Mekky and director Ahmed El Gendy. It also represents the debut of Shereef Naguib as a...Read more screenwriter.The production is a first rate comedy which comes across as a sort of parody of spy and action films. Ahmed El Gendy’s directing was superb – despite the fact that the chase scenes that were featured were not particularly good relative to the other scenes of the film. Shereef Naguib’s screenplay was adequate considering the fact that this is his first experience as a screenwriter. Although there was a certain degree of discord between the first and second halves of the film, the dialogue was nonetheless nothing short of genius. Throughout his performance in the movie, Ahmed Mekky has proved once again that he is unrivaled in his status as the upcoming “King of Comedy”. His performance was genuine and masterful throughout all of his scenes.Likewise, Samir Ghanem’s performance was excellent as usual. Maged Al Kadwany also took the occasion to show that he has plenty of potential as a comedy actor.The audiences concerned were unanimous in their opinion that despite the fact that the movie did not handle any tangible subjects it nonetheless was the source of endless laughs. Critics have also been quick to praise the movie. Ussama El Shazly noted on that the film was the source of many laughs. Magda Kheir Allah has also praised the production on the pages of the newspaper “Al Wafd” – citing it as one of Ahmed Mekky’s best works so far. Mohamed Badr Al Deen also paid tribute to the film on the pages of the same Kuwaiti newspaper, describing it as a “Time-bomb of laughs”.

Title Details

Title لا تراجع و لا استسلام (القبضة الدامية)
Title in English No Retreat, No Surrender (Bloody Fist)
Title's Translation La Taragoa Wala Esteslam (El Kabda El Dameyya)
Release Year 2010
Runtime in Minutes 95
Status ﺗﻢ ﻋﺮﺿﻪ
Is this a coloured title? نعم
Egyptian censorship classification الجمهور العام
Movie Budget 0
Title Type Movie
Title Genre Action,Comedy
Production Year 2010
Production Country Egypt