After separating from her husband, Claire finds herself involved in a forbidden affair with her teenage neighbor. The passion soon gives way to horror when her attempts to end the affair are met with murderous rage on his part.




A recently divorced woman gets involved in an extremely sexual affair with a younger man who has just moved in across the street from her. But their sensual escapades soon take a dangerous turn.

Title Details

Title الفتى في المنزل المجاور
Title in English The Boy Next Door
Release Year 2015
Runtime in Minutes 91
Status ﺗﻢ ﻋﺮﺿﻪ
Is this a coloured title? نعم
MPAA Classification R
Movie Budget 0
Title Type Movie
Title Genre Horror,Drama,Action,Interesting and exciting,Romance,الغموض,Thriller
Production Year 2015
Production Country United States of America