Ragaa Al-Geddawy

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Nagaat Aly Hassan al-Geddaawy went to Franciscaines school in Cairo. She worked in the translation department of an advertizing agency where she was chosen “Miss Cotton 1958” giving her the chance to become a mannequin. She started acting in cinema and theatre with her aunt Taheyya Carioca. She got married to the football player Hassan Mokhtaar, gave him their only daughter. Al-Geddaawy stopped acting for some time to travel with him. Upon her return, she resumed fashion shows and acted with Aadel Emaam in several plays like “Al-waad Sayyed al-shagh-ghaal" (Sayyed, the servant). In many TV series, she personalized aristocratic ladies to the point that no one could tell that she is acting.


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Person Name رجاء الجداوي
Person Name in English Ragaa Al-Geddawy
Birth Name نجاة علي حسن الجداوي
Country مصر
gender أنثى
Date of Birth 1934-09-06
Death Date 2020-07-05
Birth Country مصر
Death Country مصر
Cause of Death مضاعفات فيروس كورونا


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