Salah Zo El Faqqar

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Salah is a brother to ‘Ezz al-Deen Zu al-Faqqar and Mahmoud Zu al-Faqqar. He was an officer like his brothers and he graduated from the police academy where he also taught. Salah worked in cinema while he was an officer before relinquishing his other responsibilities so that he could dedicate his time to cinema. He performed on several television series including “’Aailat Shalash” (“Shalash’s Family”) and “al-Asty al-Mudeer”. On theater he acted in “Rubabika” which was produced by the crew of Tahhiya Kariyoka. Salah instituted a production company which presented a number of films including “Ureed Halan” (“I Want it Right Away”) which received an award for best film at the start of the 1970s. Salah married four times and two of his wives were from outside art circles. He was married to artist Zahra al-‘Oula and musician Shadia with whom he formed a duo – the pair acted together on comedy and romantic titles in addition to the radio series “Sabreen”. Salah’s first wife was Nafisa who fathered his children. Following his marriage to Shadia he married Layla Sadeq. The film “al-Tareeq ila Eilat” (“The Path to Eilat”) was his final work. His talents varied from one movie to another and he can be seen in his best form in “al-Ragol al-Thany” (“The Second Man”), “al-Nasser Salah al-Deen” (“The Victorious Salah al-Deen”) and “Maraty Mudeer ‘Aam” (“My Wife is a General Manager”).

  • Birth Date: 18.January.1926
  • Age: 67 Year
  • Death Date: 22.December.1993 Dead From 28 Year

More details

Person Name صلاح ذو الفقار
Person Name in English Salah Zo El Faqqar
Birth Name صلاح أحمد مراد ذو الفقار
Country مصر
gender ذكر
Date of Birth 1926-01-18
Death Date 1993-12-22
Cause of Death أزمة قلبية مفاجئة أثناء تصوير المشهد الأخير من فيلم الإرهابي