Rasha Sharbatgy

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Syrian director Rasha al-Sharbatgy began her artistic career by directing her first series “Qanoun wa Lakin” (“The Law Is, But However”) in 2003. That title was followed by other Syrian and Egyptian television productions such as “Ashwak Na’ama” (“Thorns of an Ostrich”), “Ghizlan fee Ghabat al-Zyab” (“Deer in the Forest of Wolves”), “Awlad al-Layl” (“Children of the Night”), “Yawm Mumtir Akher” (“Another Rainy Night”), 2008’s “Sharaf Fath al-Bab” (“The Honor for Opening the Door”), 2009’s “Ibn al-Arnadly”) which included a performance by the star Yahya al-Fakhrany, “Zaman al-‘Aar” (“The Age of Shame”) and her last series “Takht Sharqy” (“Oriental Throne”) which aired in Ramadan of 2010. Rasha al-Sharbatgy was born in Cairo to an Egyptian mother and a Syrian father – the well known director Hisham al-Sharbatgy.

  • Birth Date: 20.April.1975
  • Age: 46 Year
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Person Name رشا شربتجي
Person Name in English Rasha Sharbatgy
Birth Name رشا هشام شربتجي
Country سوريا
gender أنثى
Date of Birth 1975-04-20


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