Bassem Yakhour

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Bassem Yakhour is a Syrian actor, writer, stage and television director. Yakour was born in Damascus in 1971 and graduated from the Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts in 1993. He began his career in 1994 when he appeared in the television series “El Soraya.” He has since starred in variety of Syrian television series such as: “Jamil wa Hina,” “Khalid binal Waheed,” “Khelf El Qadban” (Behind Bars), “Salah Eddin El Ayoubi.” With regard to Egyptian cinema, he starred in the film “Khalig Naama” (Naama Bay;2007), which was turning point in his career. He has also starred in a number of Egyptian television series including, “Zohra wa Azhwagha El Khamsa” (Zohra and Her Five Husbands) and “El Murafaa” (The Plaintiff).


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Person Name باسم ياخور
Person Name in English Bassem Yakhour
Birth Name باسم ابراهيم ياخور
Country سوريا
gender ذكر
Date of Birth 1971-08-16


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