Sameh El Soreity

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Sameh El Sereity is an Egyptian actor. He was born in 1951 in Cairo, and studied at the faculty of commerce. He then embarked on a prolific acting career, appearing in numerous plays including "Tazkara Lel Ganna" (Ticket to Paradise) and "Kora Kora" (Ball Ball), and television series like "Layaly Elhelmeyya" (Elhelmeyya Nights) and "Ahlam Elforsan" (The Knights' Dreams) and films like "Kheyana Mashroua" (Righteous Betrayal) and "Elrahina" (The Hostage).

  • Birth Date: 19.March.1951
  • Age: 72 Year
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Person Name سامح الصريطي
Person Name in English Sameh El Soreity
Birth Name محمد سامح محمد محمد الصريطي
Country مصر
gender ذكر
Date of Birth 1951-03-19