Wahid Hamed

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Wahid is among the best known screenwriters in Egypt. He was born on the 1st of July, 1944 in the village of Beni Quraish in the governorate of Sharqia. Hamed received a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology in 1965 and began writing drama works in the late 1960s. He first began to realize success through a television series titled “Ahlam Al Fatta Al Taaer” (“Dreams of a Fly Boy”) which aired in 1978 and starred A’del Imam. The series achieved a great deal of success and began a long term collaboration between Imam and Hamed in cinema works that began with the film “Intakhibo Al Doctor Suleiman A’bd Al Bassit” (“Vote for Doctor Suleiman A’bd Al Bassit”) and “Al Insan Ya’eesh Marra Wahda” (“A Person Lives Only Once”) which were released in 1981. The working relationship continued throughout the 1980s. Also in the 1980s Hamed wrote screenplays for the films “Al Takhshiba”, “Al Bareea” (“The Innocent One”), “Al Donnia A’la Gannah Yammama” and “Kashf Al Mastoor” (“Revealing the Hidden One”) which were directed by the renowned director A’tef Al Tayyib . The 1990s saw Hamid collaborate with director Shereef A’rafeh and performer A’del Imam, a collaboration which led to the release of five films titled “Al La’ib ma’a Al Kibar” (“Out of Your League”) (1991), “Al Mansy” (“The Forgotten One”), “Al Irhab wa Al Kabab” (“Terrorism and Kabab”) (1994), “Teyour Al Zhalam” (“Birds of the Night”) (1995) and “Al Noum fee Al A’sal” (“Carefree Sleep”). Later in 2006 Hamid penned the screenplay for “A’marrat Ya’coubian” (“The Ya’coubian Building”) which adapted the novel by the same name which was authored by A’laa Al Asswany. That production featured the involvement of a large number of stars including A’del Imam and Nour El Shereef. The work was also the first directing experience of Hamed’s son, Marwan Hamed. Hamed’s last cinema work was “Ehky ya Scheherazade” (“Tell us, Scheherazade”) which was directed by renowned director Yousry Nasr Allah. The writer’s last television work was a series titled “Al Gama’a” (“The Community”) which aired in Ramadan 2010. That series is a biographical work about Imam Hassan Al Banna who founded the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamid is known for his opposition of religious fundamentalism and is considered a staunch opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is married to Zeinab Al Suweidan who heads Egyptian television. The couple have one son named Marwan.

  • Birth Date: 01.July.1944
  • Age: 77 Year
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Person Name وحيد حامد
Person Name in English Wahid Hamed
Birth Name وحيد حامد علي
Country مصر
gender ذكر
Date of Birth 1944-07-01