Abbas Al Nouri

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Abbas El Nouri is a Syrian actor born in the Al Qymariah neighborhood of Damascus in 1952. He was interested cinema and theatre from a young age and got involved a free theatre troupe called Theatre Lights at a social club in Al Qymariah. Throughout his undergraduate studies, El Nouri developed his expertise of theatrical field and began working with well-known directors in the academy. His most important play during this time was “Rasool min Firqet Temira Lilbahath ‘An Qadiyet Al Harb wal Silm” (A Messenger From Temira On Topic of War and Peace) by Egyptian playwright Mahmoud Diab. His television career took off in the late seventies after director and actor Selim Sabry visited the university and chose El Nouri to appear with him on an evening television show called "Samar." From there, Abbas El Nouri became a regular figure in television dramas including “Layali al-Salehiyah” (Alsalehiyah Nights), “Bab Al-Hara” (Neighborhood Door), “Ala Hafet Al Hawiya” (At the Edge of the Abyss), and “Al-Ijtiyaah” (The Conquest), which became the first Arab television series to win an Emmy in 2007.


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Person Name عباس النوري
Person Name in English Abbas Al Nouri
Country سوريا
gender ذكر
Date of Birth 1952-12-08


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