Samer El Masrei

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Samer El Masry is a Syrian actor who was born on the 3rd of August in 1969. He received a bachelor's degree in science in 1991, and then graduated from the High Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1996. He started his career in the mid 1990s with roles in “Faris fil Madina” (A Knight in the City) (1995), “Hawa Bahary” (Seaside Love) (1997), “Tag min Shouk” (Thorn Crown) (1998). His most famous roles are in: “Alzir Salem” (2000), “Saqr Quraysh” (Quraysh Falcon) (2002), “Suqoot Gharnata” (The Fall of Granada) (2008), and the three seasons of “Bab El Hara” (The Alley's gate) (2006, 2007, 2008).

  • Birth Date: 03.August.1969
  • Age: 54 Year
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Person Name سامر المصري
Person Name in English Samer El Masrei
Birth Name سامر إسماعيل المصري
Country سوريا
gender ذكر
Date of Birth 1969-08-03


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