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Safaa Sultaan is a Syrian actor who was born on March 14, 1980 of Palestinian and Jordanian origins. She was married to actor Taarek Mar’ashly. Although Safaa did not study acting in any technical institute, she participated in a documentary telling real stories, originally produced in English, she dubbed the Arabic voice of the role of a woman whose husband died during building the Pyramids of Giza. She later met actor Yasser al-‘Azma who saw in her a great actor and helped her to burnish her talent and use it properly. Sultaan is also good at singing. Since young age she likes acting and imitation and she has impressed others with her talent. She spent her study years between Jordan and Syria before travelling to the United States to study dentistry, yet she did not complete and returned to Syria. The TV series “Maraaya i.e. Mirrors (2003)” was her gate to the artistic world, which she says about: “It was a golden opportunity to debut in Maraaya, since a long time I am big fan of it and I always consider myself one of Maraaya family”. Her first lead role was in the TV series “Seraa’al-ashaawes i.e. The struggle of the brave”, written by Haany al-Sa’dy and directed by Saalem al-Kurdy. In 2009, Safaa played the great Laila Mouraad in the Egyptian TV series “Alby daleely i.e. My heart is my guide”, the role that made her famous all over the Arab World. Sultaan is a funny personality and she always says that she hates sorrow and petulance. Safaa Sultaan is highly attached to her family in Syria; she loves her daughter who she considers the most important thing in her life.

  • Birth Date: 15.March.1980
  • Age: 42 Year
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Person Name صفاء سلطان
Person Name in English Safaa Sultan
Country الأردن
gender أنثى
Date of Birth 1980-03-15


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