Yousef al-Sharif

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Muhammed Esmaeel, known as Youssef al-Shereef was born in Cairo on the 14th of December 1978. He is a mechanical engineer, graduate of Ain Shams University, and a clever Karate player who played in international championships in Tunisia and Hungary. He also played football at al-Ahly as well as volleyball. He participated in six films and three TV series. Youssef played the role of director Aly Badrakhaan, Soaad Hosny’s husband in TV series “Al-Cindrella" (The Cinderella). In TV series “Ala naar hadya" (On low fire) he played the role of Hishaam, Rasha Mahdy’s fiancé. He was also Essaam in “Al-‘ameel 1001" (Agent 1001). On the big screen, Shereef played the role of Shereef, the D.A. in “Heya Fawda" (Is this Chaos..?) with Khaaled Saaleh and Menna Shalaby, Hossaam, the army officer in “Fattah Eineik" (Open your eyes) and Ahmad Abdul Hayy in “Saba’ war’aat kotsheena" (Seven play cards). He also participated in “Haleem” and “Al-gazeera" (The Island). The year 2012 saw the rise of his fame on TV when he starred in "Rakam Maghol" (Unknown Number), then he went on to play another very successful role in "Ism Mo'aqat" (Temporary Name).


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Person Name يوسف الشريف
Person Name in English Youssef El Sherif
Birth Name محمد إسماعيل ناجي
Birth Name in English Mohamed Ismail Naji
Nick name يوسف الشريف
Nick Name in English Yousef al-Sharif
Country مصر
gender ذكر
Date of Birth 1978-09-14
Birth Country مصر
Birth City Al Qahirah


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