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Egypt | 45m| Series| Drama

Mana'e is an educated man who has a national ID and a birth certificate, which is a rarity in his hamlet, Nag' Al-Gabal. As his townspeople discover an ancient tomb, they try to solve the mystery of that tomb, an endeavor that Mana'e finds himself involved in.

Egypt | 45m| Series| Drama

The story of Tal'aat, an Upper Egyptian man who moved to Alexandria to work in commerce, but he collides with the empire of corruption allied with the largest drug traffickers in Upper Egypt, and their interrelated relationships with businessmen.

Egypt | 45m| Series| Drama , Romance

The story chronicles the class struggle between the old feudal class represented by the Azizi family and the new owners class represented by the Sawalmi family, former wage earners who used to work for the Azizis. The Sawalmi family resorts to illegitimate ways to get money to compete with the Azizis.

Egypt | 25m| Series| Comedy

When Hazal'oum returns from his travels and buys the house, his two brothers, Al-Kabir and Johnny, resent his ownership of all their land and property. The three brothers compete to prove how important they are to the people of Mazarita, as Al-Kabir and Johnny continue to plot to get rid of Hazal'oum.

Egypt | 45m| Series| Comedy

A new season from the comedy about the family of Al-Kabir and his two identical twins, this time featuring a new Sudanese twin who appears out of nowhere to join the family as Al-Kabir struggles to find a way to free the imprisoned Johnny.

Egypt | 20m| Series| Comedy

The story of two twin brothers; one who was raised in the USA and the other is the mayor of the village of Mazarita. Upon their dad's death, the American brother comes back for his inheritance and position as mayor too, and comical events unfold.

Egypt | 20m| Series| Comedy

The series relates the story of a man from Upper Egypt who was married to an American lady who later had his twins. One of the twins lived with his father in Upper Egypt while the other lived in the United States. Many years later and the man has attained the status of mayor in his community. Whilst on his deathbed he tells his son that he has a brother named “Misho” who lives in the United States. However, when Misho returns to claim his inheritance he finds himself at odds with his Upper Egyptian brother. Thereafter “Misho” nominates himself for the position of mayor and succeeds.

| Egypt | 45m| Series| Drama , Interesting and exciting

The story of an Upper Egyptian woman whose husband gets killed by their village mayor. Despite being a lonely widow, she insists on avenging her husband and taking revenge on the mayor in various ways.

Egypt | 00m| Series| Drama

The series revolves around a wealthy and powerful man named Mohammed Abu Diab (Nour Al-Sharif). Despite being loved by his townspeople who live under his command, he is betrayed by the people closest to him.

| Egypt | 45m| Series| Drama

The series continues where it left off last season, in which things are heating up between Nasra and Mayor Harun, especially after the imprisonment of Nasra for the second time because of Harun's false accusations.

titles talking about the Egyptian Upper Egypt